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3 July 1978
abortion rights, aclu, activism, adhd, alternative medicine, amateur social work, american civil liberties union, american economics association, angel, atheism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ayn rand, battlestar galactica, beauty, behavioral genetics, blackjack, blink 182, blogging, buffy the vampire slayer, cats, civil liberties, claire wolfe, computer role playing games, cooking, costa rica, cynthia heimel, dating, dave barry, debate, development economics, dieting, disco, don debrandt, don'tblamemeivotedforjameth, dont blame me i voted for jameth, dungeons & dragons, enya, evolutionary psychology, feminism, firefly, fitness, free markets, free speech, free state project, free trade, futurism, gambling, gay rights, gun rights, hernando de soto, holistic medicine, housekeeping, human biodiversity, individualism, institutional economics, international events and relations, internet, jean auel, larry niven, libertarian party, libertarianism, lord of the rings, marijuana legalization, marion zimmer bradley, martial arts, memetics, mensa, mindfreedom, movies, national public radio, natural medicine, northwest science fiction society, nudism, nutrition, objectivism, opera, orson scott card, peace, poker, political economy, politics, privacy rights, reading, road trips, robert heinlein, russian, science fiction & fantasy, science fiction conventions, seattle economists club, seattle opera bravo club, self defense, self defense training, self improvement, sexual revolution, shooting, small government, social networks, spanish, spider robinson, star trek, star wars, survivalism, technology, theater, trade policy and treaties, transhumanism, travel, twin peaks, u2, vernor vinge, weight training, world future society, x-files

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